5 Lies I’ve Been Telling Myself

It isn’t a secret, but it also hasn’t been made into public news: I am now single. After four years and an engagement, my life has completely changed and in all honesty, I sometimes feel as if I am living a roller coaster. Some days I could not be happier, and others I am a sniffling puddle of a woman.

In time my wounds will heal, but as I wait I find myself becoming more aware of what my past relationship truly was and was not. I have never had to go through a heartbreak before, but I have begun to learn some very valuable lessons during my emotional recovery — sometimes love just ain’t enough.

The end of my relationship left me feeling lost and confused. So much so that I have found myself grasping to any fringe of hope connected to the past. But no more! It is time to break from the repeated lies I have been telling myself and honestly try to move on with my life…

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