Real Wedding: Kerri + Michael

I was asked to feature my second Real Wedding on the Shadowland blog, and I would like to share it with you! Kerri and Michael held a small, vintage wedding with a prohibition theme at my venue last summer. Even though I was not yet on staff, I am blown away by how adorable this wedding was! Let it be inspiration for any of you budding lovebirds!!

Originally posted in Shadowland on Silver Beach‘s blog.


Kerri and Michael were married on their sixth anniversary of being together. The ceremony was held on the beach at Tiscornia Beach with the spectacular view of the St. Joseph lighthouse in the background. Family and friends traveling from as far as Australia were serenaded by Kyle Williams and his acoustic guitar. The bride entered to the singing of “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. She wore a laced, draping a-line dress with a vintage-inspired beaded headband. The groom wore a black tux and vest with a pale yellow tie, which matched the groomsmen ensembles. Bridesmaids wore short black dresses with yellow sashes.


Michael’s grandfather presided the ceremony. His heartfelt words, “Life has no higher gift than the gift of love. Life has no richer joy than the joy of love. Life has no surer bond than the bond of love.” carried to all those present. During the exchange of the rings, the couple bond their commitment by speaking together these words:

“I am hers and she is mine, from this day until the end of my days.”

“I am his and he is mine, from this day until the end of my days.”

Following this powerful exchange, the pair took their first steps as a wedded couple to the softly sung lyrics of “I Will Follow You into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie.


The celebration’s atmosphere reflected the bride and groom’s love for simple elegance. The two took inspiration from the prohibition era and themed their wedding on a vintage boardwalk. On top of black linens sat simple table decor featuring sunflowers and framed vintage ads of popular alcoholic beverages. Cool backlighting and smooth jazz set the mood for the perfect evening. Guests enjoyed the choice of herb-crusted sirloin with cabernet syrup, Maryland crab cakes with red pepper and sweet corn cream sauce, or grilled vegetable tortellini with pesto cream sauce. Dessert came in the form of mini square cakes of pink champagne and strawberry mousse decorated with a sunflower each.


Keeping to the laid-back feel the wedding held, most of the wedding was do-it-yourself. The bride arranged the flowers, created the table centerpieces, and designed both of the guest favors’ tables. A candy bar including a fun mix of boardwalk favorites — gummy bears and coke bottles, cotton candy, gumballs, rock candy, salt water taffy — offered an exciting twist to the summertime wedding, and a favor table decorated with vinyl-record-looking CDs featuring jazz music and the couple’s first dance songs was presented. Surrounding these CDs were also mason jars filled with cookie mixes exemplifying the bride’s love of baking.


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