“May Every Day Be One of Thanksgiving…”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

As Thanksgiving came and went for another year, I’m left to sit here (in a possible food coma) and wonder at all the things I have been blessed with throughout my life…

  • every morning I wake to another day
  • the earth that grounds me and sun which shines upon me
  • work that challenges my mind
  • meals that nourish my body
  • conversations, laughter, and tears
  • travels that inspire my dreams
  • parents who built my foundation
  • shelter and home
  • all the arguments and giggles
  • the questions and the answers
  • knowledge of Who watches over me and faith in Him
  • seasons which make me aware of my limited time
  • fresh water to clean and drink
  • instant communication to encourage relationships
  • community to spur passions and interests
  • freedom to discuss my moral concerns
  • education both in and out of schooling
  • wrinkles formed from my happiness
  • ability to run and lounge
  • imagination awakening wonder with creativity

This year has taught me much about love, loss, and gain. For my whole messy and beautiful life, I give thanks.


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