Fitness & Health: Part 1 – The Overall Goal

I ran my first 10k last weekend. And by “ran” I mean, I pushed on for the first 5k and then about died the next 5. I came in last place… but I still finished. My dripping, heaving, beet-red self jogged over that finish line like it was nobody’s business.

Yet even though I was proud of completing this new challenge, I was a bit embarrassed. I mean, I call myself a runner and here I am, not training on a daily basis, eating horribly, and almost killing myself (figuratively, of course) by not being prepared for a race I paid to run. Heed the wake up call!

It has been over a month since the break up and I have been feeling quite bitter all of July. Or maybe a better way to describe my emotions is to say I really just haven’t given a damn; not about my future, not about my physique, and not about my health. My nutrition has been made up mostly of beer and ice cream, and though I can’t say I am completely ashamed of this fact, my body is beginning to rebel.

So starting now (NOT the beginning of August) I am going to begin anew. I have my Disney race in February, but I also plan to run a half marathon in October. I will begin training consistently and vigorously.

To do so, I have a few fitness plans which I would like to share so I may accountable:

  1. I will run at least 4 days a week, with a long run on Saturday mornings. (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays)
  2. I will spin at least 1 day a week. (Mondays or Wednesdays)
  3. I will hike the dunes or take a walk for at least an hour on Saturdays, following my long run. (Saturdays)
  4. Don’t get bored, try new workouts: yoga, body pump, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.
  5. I will start 30 Day Shred on the morning of August 1st and complete the challenge by August 30th. (Every day)
  6. Following every gym workout, I will do some sort of weight training — upper body, lower body, core.
  7. Fridays will be a rest day unless otherwise “traded” for another day during the week.

As I said, nutrition is another issue. That is why I have chosen to order a May Book (thank you, Hillary!) to keep track of meals and calorie intake. I also use MyFitnessPal, but I believe having a physical journal to track my intake will be beneficial.

My biggest issue is dinner. Living with my parents, I obviously tend to eat what they are making for dinner. And it usually some delicious concoction full of cheese, starch, and red meat — all of which are my favorite foods! Talk about coincidences! So of course, I tend to over-portion my meal, throwing off my entire healthy-eating choices from breakfast and lunch. I’m a mess.

So instead, I will begin preparing my dinners prior to the meal. I will focus on vegetables and lean meats, with no pasta, rice, or potato fillers as side dishes. (I’m tearing up just thinking I am cutting pasta out of my diet.) I also will cut back on dairy products, especially cheese. (Okay, here come the tears.) And no more sweet or salty desserts. (Goodbye, mascara.)

I plan to go Paleo the month of September. I have done this in the past and absolutely loved how I felt afterwards. August, unfortunately, hosts my county’s youth fair and the thought of not enjoying even one corn dog or fried Oreo is just too somber — I’m trying to be healthy, not a masochist. I’ll explain more about Paleo as September comes into view though…

As for now, here are my nutrition goals:

  1. Keep under 1300 Calories a day.
  2. Focus on vegetables, lean meats, essential oils, and some fruits.
  3. Cut processed foods out of my diet.
  4. When at a restaurant, order a salad with vinaigrette rather than a burger and fries.
  5. 1 beer every two weeks, otherwise stick to drinking wine. (Oh, Oberon, I shall miss thee…)
  6. Don’t deprive myself of all treats in life, but do so responsibly and truthfully in terms of Calorie-intake.

I am going to make it my mission to give a weekly recap on my progress, as another form of accountability. I am excited for my nifty little May Book to come into my possession, but until then (and after as well) I will be relaying on my hardy willpower.

My overall goal is to simply feel healthier. Right now, I can feel my body dragging — I am tired and moody all the time and just feel blah. In the past, when I have redirected my focus on myself, changing my diet and working out to a better end, I have felt great. I am ready for that change in attitude and mindset. I am ready to reclaim my life. Let’s do this!

Do you have any secrets when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle? If so, feel free to share as I doubt I am the only one struggling with the Temptations of the Taste!

10 thoughts on “Fitness & Health: Part 1 – The Overall Goal

  1. Good luck! Even coming in last place is an accomplishment! I have never been much of a runner but have always thought doing a race, even a 5K sounded like fun. I may have to look into it. I look forward to hearing about your progress! I am looking for motivation to get myself back on track and seeing your goals is so motivating!


    1. Thank you, Tracie! I was big into running two years ago and completed a half marathon in the fall of 2013. But after graduating, a new job, and eating awfully after a break up, my running has been in the pits for the past year. I am ready to get motivated again though! Thank you so much for supporting my goals; little comments like that help encourage me!

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  2. I’m so excited to see your progress, I have been trying to decide what I want to do as far as a diet plan that is seriously do-able for me. I’m tired of starting something only to set myself up for failure. I live right next door to my family and I’m in the same boat as far as eating with my family several meals a week and it always end up being things that are amazing… but not amazing for me! I can’t wait to hear what you think of your May Book… 🙂 You’re going to do so amazing!!! ***Cheers from Oklahoma!!!***


    1. “Dieting” is a horrible thing for me — I need to start thinking of it as “healthy eating.” I don’t want to refrain my body from what it likes, but I do want to monitor its consumption. I am hoping my May Book shows up this week! I will post a picture when it arrives; I am so excited to have my first one!

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  3. Goodluck! I understand how you’re feeling, I struggle severely with nutrition (oh how I love chocolate, pasta, and anything I’m told I can’t have!) I’m afraid I have no secrets to share on it but accountability has helped unbelievably as far as the workouts go for me in the past. I did online accountability through Facebook messenger last winter and it was great! If you want an accountability buddy feel free to look me up on facebook 🙂


    1. When you say you did online accountability through Facebook messenger, do you mean via a coach? How did that work? I would love to have an accountability buddy, so I will definitely look you up!

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      1. No it was actually a couple girls I met through a running group on Facebook. We messages each other at night on messenger and told each other what we did that day and what we planned for the next day. It was really simple but it felt like I was more accountable because I had to fess up if I didn’t do what I said and we praised each other for successes. They got me through my first half marathon and I even made myself go to the gym (which I hate!) daily!


      2. Visiting the gym every day is tough for me as well! How do I go about finding you on FB? Do you have a page for your blog (I looked but didn’t seem to find anything)?


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