Project Swap Box ft. an oklahoma girl

One of the best parts of blogging is meeting and interacting with new people. I love commenting on other blogs, picking at peoples’ minds, and encouraging them to continue on with their blogging passions. I also love when others in the blogosphere visit Peonies ‘n Mint and do the same to me!

Nearly four months ago one such blogger visited my little section of the Internet. Her name was Hillary and she had just started blogging on an oklahoma girl. (Check her blog out!) We struck up a conversation, began following each other on social media, and the rest is history! I was so honored when she asked me to join her on a new blogging venture: swap boxing to one another.


Hillary hit me up mid-July and asked if I would like to try something new with her. Having become friends, I was more than willing! So we agreed to gather items we thought one another would enjoy, as well as some area-specific gems, and send them to each other. As newbie-Swap Boxers, I think we went above and beyond!

Delivered to my Michigan door-step all the way from Oklahoma, Hillary did a great job at providing me with some beauty treatments, desk enhancements, reading material, and reading material sustenance, among other goodies. Here are all the wonderful treats together:


Let’s break it down though…

  • Oklahoma Gazette
    Such a great idea and one I wish I had considered! Hillary sent e the local Oklahoma City newspaper which includes featured stories, entertainment, advertisements, and much more. I definitely has a good feel for the town even though I’m six states away!
  • Bethenny Frankel’s A Place of Yes
    I have never heard of Bethenny Frankel, but Hillary noted that this book helped her through some tough stages. I am excited to read this inspiring piece and perhaps I’ll even write a review on it some point in the future!
  • Lungs for Dani shirt, coozie, and bracelet
    Hillary has told me in the past that her cousin, Dani, is fighting the battle against Cystic Fibrosis. This disease causes a lot of distress to the lungs and digestive system, and though treatments continue to improve over the years, there is no cure yet. Hillary is a strong advocate for the awareness and study of CF and I am glad she chose to include these items into the Swap Box so I can support Dani from afar.
  • “Life is better by the pool” water glass
    Knowing I live near the beach of Lake Michigan, and that I love anything related to wine, Hillary sent me a sweet drinking glass that stands on a wine stem! I use it daily at my desk!
  • Crystal Light Tropical Coconut
    Um, yum! I don’t think she knew, but coconut is one of my favorite flavors EVER. I have never tried Crystal Light, but this little squirt bottle will be gone within the month since I use it so frequently. It’s pretty much the taste of a pina coloda without the calories!
  • Sticky notepad
    No one can ever have too many sticky pads. And this one is absolutely adorable.
  • Love & Toast Candied Citron Roller Ball Perfume
    I have worn this every day since I received it and am in LOVE! I absolutely adore the scent: notes of citrus, rum, and aged oak. My date last night even commented on how great I smelled after playing 18 holes of putt putt in a strong breeze, so this perfume lasts as well!
  • Papermate flair pens
    These were noted that they are the smoothest pens to ever write with… and Hil was right! The green, pink, and orange markers have become staples for documenting in my May Design book, as well as my work calendar.
  • Small journal
    When Hillary and I met, I wasn’t in the best place in life. However, with self-meditation, a lot of prayer, and support from my friends and family, I have moved on and grown into an even stronger individual. The journal sent to me has the quote, “Every day we decide who we are going to be by the actions we take.” This could not be more accurate and I love that I have this daily reminder (I am using the journal as my thought-keeper for future posts!)
  • Pil’aten Lip Masks
    imagesMy life has been changed, everyone. These lip masks are A-mazing! Place on your lips for a half hour and you won’t believe how hydrated and nourished they feel! For the girl who loses her chapstick every time she turns around, having these little cuties as a backup was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you for making me aware of these, Hillary!!
  • Tidal School Winery Sunset Rose
    Okay. The best for the last. Hillary sent me wine, guys, WINE. And not just any wine, but a rose from Oklahoma. Can you see now why we’re friends? She’s a girl after my own heart! I will be tasting this little beaut tomorrow night and will share the experience with you all.

I was so pleasantly surprised by Hillary’s gifts, and I hoped she would be happy with mine. It appears she was! (We did a great job, chica! High five!) If you would like to take a peek at my own little Michigan Swap Box, check out her post on an oklahoma girl.


So, in the end, I would recommend any of my fellow bloggers to join in on the fun and do a Swap Box. Hillary and I set a price limit on our boxes and chose to send items 1.) from where we live, and 2.) we thought the other could use in her office space. A themed box would be a cool idea though! We’ve already agreed to do a Christmas Swap Box, so look for a post on that come holiday season!

A note to Hillary: Thank you thinking of me when you first caught wind of what a Swap Box even is. I loved this creative outlet and am glad to have met such a wonderful person through blogging! You have become a great friend and blessing! xoxo


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