16 Goals for 2016

“Make New Year’s goals. Dig within and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come.”

Can you believe it is already 2016?! It is true; the older you get, the faster the days go by! Even just a week seems to fly by so fast nowadays…

2015 offered me the opportunity for a lot of “newness” in my life. Looking back at the 15 Goals for 2015 post written a year ago, I am happy to report that the majority of my goals were met. I have no regrets, and as I look forward to 2016 I believe it is time for me to again set some goals for the upcoming year. So here are 16 goals I have set for myself in 2016:

  1. Focus on eliminating my debts (have 3/4 car paid off by 2017)
  2. Lead an active lifestyle (go hiking, running, play volleyball or Ultimate frisbee, etc. on a weekly basis)
  3. Run at least one timed, competitive race a month
  4. Go Paleo for 30 days (month of March)
  5. Learn something new that interests me (mixology, wine making, martial arts?)
  6. Go camping
  7. Attend at least 3 concerts
  8. Begin volunteering with another organization consistently
  9. Reach peak health and fitness goals (discussed in Fitness Diaries #1)
  10. Visit Traverse City for wine tasting tour
  11. Make an awesome T-shirt with Granger for the Fantastic Beasts premier
  12. Expand PNM to Etsy for design work (more info coming soon!)
  13. Read at least 2 novels per month (view 2016 Reading List here)
  14. Further education by enrolling in a business class at local community college
  15. Join a hot yoga class
  16. Write at least 5 posts a month on Peonies ‘n Mint (I also want to begin taking the pictures/designing every picture placed on PNM — no more stock photos!)

These are quite a bit more specific than 2015’s were, but I have a bit more experience now that I’ve lived a year graduated and in the professional world. Overall, I want to take Life by the horns and live fully and happily and gain memories in 2016. And so that is exactly what I intend to do…

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