A Beginner’s Guide to the GM Diet

If you read my last post about my Goals for 2018, then you were expecting this post any day. One of my main goals for 2018, as preparation for the wedding and to ultimately control my migraine triggers and health, is to begin each month (at least up to June) by performing this GM Diet. I will then be eating 80/20 Keto those remaining weeks.

“What is the GM Diet?” you may be asking. Well, friend, I am one of those people who absolutely abhors the word “diet”. No fad eating pattern is going to successfully lead you to extended weight loss. Only with changing your eating habits and exercising will you see those long-term results. So whenever I decide to throw the GM Diet into my life, I think of it as a cleanse. This is a starting place which re-regulates my metabolism and reminds my body (and mind) of my goals. So I always follow this 7-day diet plan with healthier eating habits and focused workout plans. This is how I’ve seen so much success in my past — there’s something to be said about losing over 50 pounds since college!

However, the holidays set me a bit behind on where I want to be, and I’ve found myself getting migraines and indigestion more lately. The symptoms remind me of those lousy college days and I definitely don’t want to regress! So, with that being said, let me give you the basic breakdown of this cleanse which has been very successful for me in the past and which I’m partaking in this week.

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