Next Steps: An Intro to CrossFit

My first impression when I heard the word “CrossFit” was that it was a crossing of different passions with fitness. Thus I had high hopes there would be wine involved, friends. (Because wine is a passion for everyone, obviously.) So when I attended my first outing at a local CrossFit box I was dismayed to find multiple bodies lying on the floor, heaving and sweating, and not a single bottle of Cab Sauv…

For those curious to the true meaning of CrossFit, let me be of assistance. In the simplest of terms, CrossFit is fitness training that builds strength and conditioning through constantly varied, high-intensity, and challenging workouts. The workouts change each day and do not specialize on one particular muscular group but rather on the goal of building a body virtually capable of anything and everything. People of any size and shape and age can do CrossFit. That’s one of the wonderful things about it! The same workout can be completed by everyone and scaled based on skill. The goal is as you gain strength and experience you can also increase reps/sets/weight/quantity for each exercise. It is also a sport that requires group training, as some exercises require assistance from a group or partner, so take that into consideration if you are interested.

My first WOD (workout of the day) at a CrossFit box was empowering. I’m not sure if I had ever been so sweaty in my life, or so sore the following day week, but I loved it. The problem was the cost — a hefty $100 per month compared to my $18 membership at the YMCA.

For a couple-to-be, G and I couldn’t afford the CrossFit life and also plan a wedding.

Working out at the Y has been great these past 8 weeks though. I have seen improvement when it comes to my routine (find that here!) and am feeling stronger in all areas of the weight room. However, I’m getting a bit bored with the same workouts every week and mentioned my boredom to G earlier this week — to which he agreed.

After a bit of discussion on where we want to focus our next efforts, we both agreed doing some CrossFit on our own, in addition to our weekly running program, would be a great option. So here I am on a Sunday morning compiling workouts for us to pick and choose from over the next 6 weeks bringing us up to the wedding.

I have found some great workouts across Pinterest and on some awesome CrossFit/Fitspo websites like RunningOnRealFood, WODWell, and So in addition to some HIIT Spin exercises, these will be our concretes over the next month and a half:


The beauty with CrossFit is that even with these WODs planned out, we can pick and choose exercise ideas and make our own routines as well. That makes for an exciting change to our gym mornings! also puts out a WOD every day, in case we start to lack ideas (though with Pinterest, I doubt that is even a possibility.)

As for our running program, we continue to improve and increase our intervals each week. We have a 5k scheduled with some friends mid-May and I’m looking forward to the challenge of completely running the race! I hope to update the Blogosphere then with more progress, so with me luck.

Until next time, happy sweating, my friends, 

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