Blog Update: New Additions & Focused Direction

The wedding is almost a month away and with that quickly approaching date I have been doing a lot of thinking in terms of where I would like Uncorking Peonies to go from there. With talking to a few friends who are some of my regular readers (hey lovelies!), I was happy to hear I am not the only one who would be sad to see the blog end. So! With a bit of soul-searching and advice-seeking, I am excited to launch a few new features onto Uncorking Peonies this coming week.

Uncorking Peonies will continue to be my little bubble into the wedding and event world since I have experience and passion for that arena. There will be plenty still to discuss even after I am no longer a bride-to-be! However, there is going to be plenty to talk about as I transition from a single woman to a wife. From the victories and falterings of the newlywed life to creating a home in a small apartment as we save to become homeowners to balancing social lives outside our marital obligations, I can only imagine the fun lessons I’ll learn over the next year (and rest of my life!) Marriage is going to be work, but I have the best partner in the business, so Uncorking Peonies is expanding to encompass all the highs and lows that are sure to come.

With all that being said, you will start to see a few additions here and there as I transition the blog in the same way I am transitioning my life.  Here are the key categories I’ll be covering moving forward:

Wedding // Are you a bride-to-be? Congrats, girl! The days leading up to your wedding are going to be some of the most fun and stress-inducing days ever. But don’t start freaking out – you aren’t alone! Follow my own little journey to the aisle and maybe pick up a bit of inspiration along the way.

The goal is once the wedding is over, I’ll be featuring posts specifically on all things wedding on Wedding Wednesday each week, so stay tuned for that jump in July.

If you love all things weddings (like me!), I’m always pinning new décor ideas on Pinterest. Follow along with me! >>> Uncorking Peonies on Pinterest

Lifestyle // There are a lot of inspiration boards and advice columns on the actual wedding, but what about after those eight hours? Life goes on, and now you’re living Life with another person! Uncorking Peonies lifestyle posts are full of trial and errors, DIY projects, family, traveling, budgeting, and basically everything that makes up a newlywed’s new way of living. We’re all in this together, and I’ll be genuine in my stories of how I am acing (and BSing) my wife-game.

I’m always sharing my latest local finds, hiking adventures, and healthy recipe on Instagram, so be sure to join me there! >>> Uncorking Peonies on Instagram

Health // While I work my 8-4 to better my community, I am always striving to better myself 24/7. This means physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There is still TONS of room for improvement, and here I discuss the do’s and the don’t’s that have made me into the woman I am today.

Join me every Sunday for a new [mostly] healthy recipe!

Twitter is my space for rantings, ravings, and celebrating the little things – all of which are so conducive to a happy and healthy life! Want to chat? Follow me @uncorkingpeony! >>> Uncorking Peonies on Twitter

Entertain // I live to entertain. Hosting, decorating, strategizing, and all things event planning – you name it, I’m there. Coming from an event planning background, I thoroughly miss the excitement and creative outlets I once exercised professionally. However, I find ways to keep the passion alive by celebrating Life with my friends and family, and I share my secrets through essential hosting products, entertaining ideas, and #smallvictories in successful parties and get-togethers thrown by yours truly.

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I’m excited for the future promises, and hope you’ll join me with a glass of wine as we move ahead.

To a bright future,


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