Savory Sundays: GF Pesto Shrimp Fettuccine

Being forced to eat a mostly gluten-free diet has been a challenging yet enlightening experience. Sometimes I choose to suffer the consequences and indulge, but most of the time I behave and search for GF options. Thankfully, many GF substitutions don’t have a drastic taste difference — except for GF pizza crust, I canNOT seem to find one that I enjoy yet. Sigh.

One night a few weeks ago I was craving seafood. I debated running to the store and grabbing some cream to make homemade Alfredo sauce, but decided to utilize some ingredients in the fridge. And here was my creation!

Our pantry had a half box of GF fettuccine and the fridge sported a small jar of pesto, nearing-expiration cherry tomatoes, and an almost-empty can of Parmesan. I decided to mix all the ingredients together and created one of G’s and my favorite dinners to-date.

I initially used 2 Tbsp of pesto, but felt it was a bit too strong. I also did not use any liquid the first attempt and found the dish pretty dry. Since experimenting a few more times, I’ve narrowed the pesto down to only 1 Tbsp and a Tbsp of olive oil. This is a super simple dish to make on a busy night and be completely full and happy for the evening.

Gluten Free Pesto Shrimp Fettuccine

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
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A flavorful seafood dish that is gluten free.


  • 1 lb shrimp
  • 1 lb gluten free pasta (I prefer to use fettuccine or spaghetti)
  • 1 Tbsp pesto
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 3/4 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan
  • minced garlic, to taste
  • garlic salt, to taste


  1. Cook pasta until desired texture
  2. While cooking pasta, saute shrimp in a different pan with minced garlic and some salt
  3. When both pasta and shrimp are fully cooked, mix together and toss with olive oil
  4. Add pesto and stir together
  5. Add tomatoes and Parmesan
  6. Serve hot

If you would like to add some spice, red pepper flakes are a great choice — G usually adds a dash or two to his plate.

Let me know what you think, and if you try any substitutions or tweaks.

Enjoy, friends!

Thoughts On The Bachelorette, Luke P., and Empowering Women

Previously, on The Bachelorette

Actually, that’s pretty much it so far, eh, fellow rose lovers? Ugh, please, Chris Harrison, no *clap* more *clap* recaps. This season’s The Bachelorette has enough substance that it has been extended by a week to allow an entire recap episode. Like many other watchers, I felt last week’s episode was unwanted and unnecessary. Please just give me more Tyler C., and Hannah being authentically herself. I am LIVING for the two of them!

I apologize if you are not a Bachelor/ette fan and will graciously excuse you from reading further into the coming rant. In all honesty, I have not watched the show since Jojo’s season, but when we opted for Hulu this past Spring I figured I might as well watch  Hannah and her beaus on Tuesday mornings while I get ready for the day. I went into this season with no expectations and no knowledge of Hannah “Beast” but WOW… it has been a trip, hasn’t it?

I have never considered giving my guilty pleasure recognition on this blog, but I feel like there’s some real topics needing to be discussed. Specifically, I feel the need to talk about Luke P., Hannah, and the beasts we each may face in relationships.

** Fair warning, there may be spoilers ahead! Please do not continue if you do not want to read any spoilers. 

First off, Luke P., or whom Hannah has officially designated as JUST Luke moving forward. Luke is a beast all in himself. I understand completely that the Bachelorette is a TV show and that producers edit the crapload out of the footage taken in order to find the juiciest drama available. I mean, there is a reason this season has such a high-following — this season truly might be the “most dramatic one” so far. However, even extreme editing could not hide the fact that Luke has some serious issues going on.

Luke is a master manipulator, or as many of my favorite Bach-podcasts label him, he is a master gaslighter. He will make a ridiculous statement, Hannah or one of the other guys will call him out, and he’ll back-track with, “Huh? That’s not what I meant/said.” This cycle happens at least 146,984 times per episode and is so cringe-worthy I sometimes have to fast-forward through his appearances.

For those Luke supporters out there, please listen up. Gaslighting is an abusive behavior where the abuser systematically brainwashes their victim to the point he/she loses his/her own identity. It is a common method used by cult leaders and dictators, but can also be experienced in personal relationships — much like Hannah can be witnessed experiencing on public television.

I understand there are some people out there who think Luke is simply misunderstood. Let me be the one to break it to you: Luke is a gaslighter. I have limited sympathy for abusive behavior, and there have been times watching this season has been triggering for me, so I’m not going to beat around the bush: Luke appears to be an abuser. And Hannah is his (currently) unknowing victim.

Gaslighting can be difficult to recognize from the victim’s perspective. The manipulator is a pathological liar who comes across as incredibly charming. Victims feel guilty for second-guessing their abuser and this confusion is something the gaslighter latches onto and twists to his/her favor. According to ThriveTalk, gaslighting happens in a series of steps: Lying, Denial, Use of Love, Loss of Identity, and Confusion being a few. Do any of these sound familiar with our own little Lukey P?

The evidence for Luke’s behavior spans the course of all seven episodes so far. Luke has been caught in a number of lies directly by the other suitors, all of which he promptly denies to Hannah or to them in order to curve support for him. He uses Hannah’s adoration of religious faith to twist their relationship. He has caused her to question her sanity multiple times. And He strings Hannah along with their  physical attraction to one another with the promise that he has more to offer her than just his good looks.

Unfortunately, Luke has nothing more to offer Hannah (or any other girl at the moment) than a severe form of mental and emotional abuse. I am not sure if Luke is an actual psychopath as the other men claim, but he is definitely a narcissist with an edge of violent tendencies. I won’t go into an in-depth discussion of each occurrence, but we’ve all witnessed his reactions and patterns of thinking on the show long enough to have considerable evidence for this statement.

Yet, that does not mean Luke is beyond redemption. I like to think no one is beyond redemption, and that watching yourself on television probably is a very enlightening experience. My hope is that Luke takes this opportunity to reflect on his behavior and grow from it into a better person.

Perhaps viewing his actions on such a public platform will be rewarding for Luke.

Perhaps he’ll move forward and find ways to better himself.

Perhaps he’ll take the critique he’s receiving and use it for positive growth.

No one is a helpless cause, Luke, so take this experience and learn from it — we’re still rooting for a good outcome in your future.

Now… I could go on and on about Luke, but I would rather change the topic and focus on our queen: Hannah. I am invested in this season completely due to Hannah and how refreshingly raw she is throughout the show. I would be proud to call Hannah my friend.

One thing I love about Hannah is that she is honest. I won’t pretend to understand the difficulties behind being a lead on the Bachelorette, but after watching Jojo’s season, I was so turned off by the lack of emotion Jojo seemed to have with her suitors. It was obvious Jojo and Jordan were going to be the endgame from Episode 1. But with Hannah, she truly wants to know more about each guy she is forming a relationship. (Sidenote, it both broke my heart and made my heart soar when Hannah thanked Dylan for sharing something personal with her when he did not receive the rose this week.) She asks a lot from her men, but she also gives all of herself to them — even if that might be a depressed or anxious version. She’s human and real, and I am loving it.

I would not want to find love on such a public platform, but I cannot deny that Hannah is giving the show her all. She wants to find love, and she is open to not settling for anything she does not see as her future. And as she struggles to find The Real Thing, Hannah is 100% relatable. I’ve lost count at how many times she has said, “I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be either.” She embraces her flaws. She speaks out about her insecurities. She’s emotional. She’s intense. She’s quirky and endearing and can’t create a toast to save her life. Some of my favorite Hannah Moments have been when she blurts out exactly what is on her mind, expletives included.

I have read some very demeaning criticism of Hannah. I’m not going to touch on the religious debate or the Jed conspiracy in this post. That’s not what I am here to discuss. But I would like to say that I disagree with anyone saying she is handling Luke incorrectly. To me, I believe Hannah is dealing with this situation in the same fashion anyone else would, me included.

Hannah is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, meaning she is not actively considering the mental capacities of each of her suitors 24/7 . She is not omnipresent or omniscient, meaning she is not in every location as Luke to hear every word and phrase he has to say. Instead, Hannah is human. A very beautiful, sensual human. She was obviously attracted to Luke in Episode 1, and she has since verified that attraction multiple times. She also has been lied to by Luke on multiple occasions and gaslighted by him. We at home witness these situations, but Hannah is the one they are happening to — without edits and without time to read tweets, see memes, or even meditate on his words. No, Hannah is having to figure Luke out organically, which can be a lengthy process.

What’s more is that Hannah has put Luke in his place more than once. She told him point-blank that their one-on-one was the worst date she’d ever experienced and that she did not feel their relationship was on-track. It is easy for viewers to not agree with Hannah’s decision to keep Luke around, but I can sympathize with her situation. She likes the guy physically and he says a lot of great things to swoon her — how many of us have been in that kind of situation? I definitely have, and it is easy to see the manipulation — in retrospect.

Even further to the point, Hannah has been upfront with the other men concerning Luke. She’s asked them to allow her to figure out her feelings on her own and to stay in their own lanes. I personally love that Hannah is willing to set things straight out in the open, and to remind her guys that she is the focus of the show, not Luke. Hannah addresses issue head-on. I appreciate her for that and believe production airing this footage is empowering for women to watch.

In the past, the Bachelorette has been a guilty pleasure of mine that allowed for mindless viewing. Hannah’s season, though, I feel like there could be real benefit for females to watch. Does Hannah have meltdowns? Yes. Does Hannah and the men sometimes make questionable decisions? Yes.


Who wouldn’t have occasional meltdowns under the immense pressure of being the Bachelorette? Who doesn’t make mistakes and odd life-choices from time-to-time? Who doesn’t question their feelings and doubt themselves sometimes? All of us would and all of us do. Personally, this season is the best form of reality television to me, because  it is real. It is authentic. And it could possibly make a lasting impact on the franchise’s future…

To me, Hannah’s real and raw approach is something that should be celebrated. I want her emotional, honest self to be impacting to other women. There is no need for us to hide our feelings, ladies. We as women are deeply emotional beings. We want good out of our lives. We want to feel good. We want to love good. We want to experience everything 110%.

And there is nothing wrong with those wants. 

Just as there is nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality, having an emotional breakdown, calling out a man’s double standard, or struggling to figure out Life.

I want to see more publications praising Hannah for her emotional intelligence. I want to hear more podcasts talking about what Hannah is saying right. I want to read more about how other woman could change relationship standards by speaking up, speaking out, and asserting themselves. Less about Hannah’s infatuation of Luke, less of other contestants’ exes, less criticism on Hannah’s mistakes. I want MORE focus on how an emotionally raw human has become The Queen of this highly-watched franchise.

Perfection is not necessary.

Doubt is relatable.

Regret happens.

As the third best man in the world said (G is #1 and my dad #2):

Keep on fighting, ladies,


Watching Grass Grow

I am amazed that it is already mid-June. Michigan has been a dealt a very wet and cool summer thus far, but G and I continue to design our house into a home. One very big project that will be stretching across the summer and into the fall is regaining control of our unbelievably jungle-like yard. There was a weekend in April where my husband said, “I’m going to go mow the grass.” and next I knew there was a waving tree outside our bedroom window — he was wrestling one of the many spindles down in the backyard. Since that weekend, many a hosta has been removed from our yard, grass has been seeded, and trunks ground down.

The following are images of parts of the yard in their “Before” state followed by images of their “Current” state. Within the next few months, I’ll share how progress is going and debut the completed lawn look.

The first area of hard work outside was the Northside of our home. When we initially looked at our home prior to putting an offer down, we knew this side of the house would require extensive work. You’ll notice a hole or two in the “Before” shot, but the photo does not do the yard justice. In fact, where the dirt is shown was like walking through landmines — you never knew when your foot was going to fall through the ground and into the cavern beneath. When G and his dad dug a large trench here, they found numerous twisting root systems from hundreds of plants that came and went over the years. The result was a thin layer of dirt over the roots and a trampoline-feeling ground which was perilous to walk. Fearing for anyone’s safety and for the drainage on this side of the house, G tackled this area before even considering any other part of the yard.

As I said, he and his dad initially had to dig a trench the length of the house and width of that dirty area below. It was not an easy job! Then he painted the base of the house, and lay drainage piping into the backyard from the front downspout. This piping was to decrease any erosion in the future and hopefully dissuade any future caverns being created like there was previously. Next G refilled the trench with stone and dirt, and laid grass-seed and hay on top. This was all done mid-April, and we now have a thick patch of grass taking root.

The backyard will be a continuous work-in-progress over the next year or two. However, G and I have been working tirelessly to remove and/or move plants around to make the yard more usable. We have removed all the trees except our magnolia, and most of the random hostas and grasses growing in the middle of the yard. It is beginning to look more like a yard than a jungle!

Mostly, the backyard needed a lot of cleanup on top of removal of random pieces. The green single-pane windows that were not beneficial to our energy bill have been removed and rehung with double-pane Pellas. Unfortunately this little project came a bit quicker than anticipated after I caught my hand through the middle window during a clumsy accident. (No trip to the ER was necessary, but I do have a cool scar now – whoops!) The back screen door was thrown away and the back door was replaced with a steel door for security purposes also. G has patched up a few of the cracks in the foundation that are due to settling over the years, and we plan to paint the base soon.

We also have a pile of 300 foot-by-foot blocks to build a 12 foot x 24 foot patio outside the backdoor, and a fire ring with bricks to design a hang-out area. We already use our backyard weekly, but we’re looking forward to creating this outdoor space to enjoy the sunsets that can be seen over the field behind our home.

The latest area of work has been the South side of our home. Originally, there was a small landing that boasted several overgrown bushes behind a small fence and a busted rocking bench. We have removed the landing completely with only the rocky underlay still there. G dug out a trench (in-progress shot below), painted the house-base, and placed drainage from our front downspout to go down to the backyard. He also removed all the bushes and overgrowth pictured below and we have since planted grass along the entire decline.

I’m excited to see where our yard continue to grow. G and I have a lot of plans, but patience is key to having them come to fruition.

I have been loving seeing what plants pop up around the yard and deciding whether to keep them and/or move them. As someone who was not gifted with a green thumb, I am always looking for suggestions and advice on how to better our yard, specifically with plant recommendations, so please share!

Happy planting, my friends,


Revisit: The Vows

Today marks our first anniversary. One year ago we said “I do.” To say the past year has been one of wonder would be an understatement. I never knew the kind of love I could share with another person until I spent a year as G’s wife. We’ve had both ups and downs, but overall this past year has been a dream. We have wrestled through job changes and school schedules. We bought our first home and invested in a number of house projects. We’ve welcomed a nephew into the family and a puppy into our home. We’ve found ourselves stranded on the roadside, lost in unknown cities, and scratching our heads at the mysterious substance slowly continuing to crawl down our walls. And through all the trials and troubles and momentous memories, I could not be prouder of the man God has placed into my life to witness it all by my side. They say the first year is always difficult, but if the rest of our years roll the way this past one did, I will be completely content.

So, in honor of our one year, I’m throwing a flashback to our wedding vows and the promises we made on June 16, 2018 and continue to make every single day to one another…

G and I both wrote our own wedding vows. It took me several weeks to come up with the exact phrasing I wanted to vow to my husband while at the altar. And since I wanted to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present when I wrote them, I waited until the night before our rehearsal to finalize them completely.  For once, I was intentionally last minute!

As we stood before the Lord and our family and friends to exchange our vows for the first time, we met one another’s eyes and shook our heads in acceptance and agreeance of the promises being made.  It was the moment that I looked forward to the most on our wedding day: becoming one before God and the people we love. As beautifully surreal as this moment was, I was so caught up in emotion during the moment that it was difficult to focus on the words we were vowing to one another. I remember the sincerity of G’s voice though and the genuineness of his words.

With two weeks of marriage behind us, I decided to reread his vows to me and WOW.  His words have an impact on my heart, but a thousand-fold more than on our wedding day. I do not believe I can ever read his promises too many times. My heart is so full.

Exchanging vows beyond your wedding day is a powerful thing. For years to come, G and I will have these written promises to one another to revisit. In hard times, during fights, when that honeymoon phase finally diminishes — our crumpled paper vows will be waiting to remind us of the plans we have as a couple and the reason why we made those plans.

His Vows

My Ashley, I could never have imagined the magnitude of God’s love before He brought us together. I will never forget the first time I looked across the room of our Bible study group and our eyes met. I knew at that moment I would never be the same. Now, here we are standing before each other and our loved ones in the presence of God. I’m extremely humbled and at the same time ecstatic to step into eternity with you as my best friend, lover, accomplice in mischief, teacher, and comforter. With God as our source of strength, we can accomplish anything, weather any storm, and love more than could be imagined. You are the most beautiful woman, in every aspect, that I have ever laid eyes on. You were put into my life to fill what was missing and to compliment what was already there. You make me want to be the best that I can be and the man you deserve. You encourage me through struggles and rejoice with me through triumphs. There is so much I expect out of myself to be your husband. If I fail at everything else but am the husband God has called me to be for you, then I will be content and consider that a success.

Sweetheart, I promise to honor you at all times. I promise to love you with all that I am. I promise to forgive you when I am offended. I promise to always be your rock and source of strength when you are weak. I promise to cherish you until my last breath. I promise to set a godly example as the leader of our family. I promise to always pursue you and never stop growing together. I promise to give you all that I am.

Ashley, I will love you forever and always.

Her Vows

Grant, today I take you to be my husband.

I am making a commitment to you, and with God’s help I promise to you these things:

I promise to give you the best of myself.

I promise to honor you and trust you and respect you for the person you are. I promise to treat your needs, interests and goals as I do my own.

I promise to grow and change alongside you, to become the people we are meant to be together for the remainder of our lives.

I promise to share your joy, to bring my joys to you first, and to choose joy in our relationship each and every day.

I promise to let you win every now and then on game nights. I promise to equally split our Netflix watching between the Office and everything else available. I promise to try and choose a restaurant by at least the third time you ask. I promise to continue to pretend knowing what you’re talking about when you discuss TIG welders and all other machining lingo. And I promise to hold you accountable to early morning workouts and evening sunset walks.

I promise to not only be your partner in life, but your best friend.

And most of all, I promise to love you with my whole heart forever and always.

To G: just as our first dance’s song lamented, “We’ve come so far since that day, and I thought I loved you then…” I’m excited to walk into this second year of marriage with you, and for all the blessings and challenges God has waiting for us. Thank you for not only being my best friend, but the answer to my prayers, my partner-in-crime, and both my biggest fan and biggest opponent. You keep me humble. You keep me steady. You’re my everything, babe.

All my love, friends, 

Dear God, Thank You

More times than I would like to admit, I catch myself only praying when I want something. I pray when I’m struggling. I pray when I need hope or insight or direction. I pray when I am feeling sad and defeated. And God is always there… even when I am not giving Him the recognition He deserves during the good times too.

So, for all those times I forget to be grateful, here are my reminders:

Thank you for this body.

I forget what this body has accomplished when I look in the mirror and cringe at my reflection. I forget about its physical strengths and unending ability to overcome obstacles and push past fatigue. I forget the countless minutes taken to train for races, the breathless hours of shuffling an elliptical, the strain taken to lift heavy barbells. The many sicknesses defeated. The dings and bangs that happened as a child and helped shape my adulthood.

Not everyone has the luxury of beginning and ending workouts on whims. Not everyone has the luxury of their bodies self-healing against diseases or the ability to find alternatives to better their health. Not everyone has the ability to take a step or lift a finger or see the wonderful colors of a sunset.

For the many intricate nerves and veins and muscles within me, thank you. Thank you for every scratch and stubbed toe and quickened heartbeat. Thank you for this beautiful body that allows me to move through life whole and explore the world which You’ve created.

Thank you for the broken and lonely hearts.

Many were the nights where my pillow was drenched with tears. Those nights I didn’t think I could get over him, or when I felt misunderstood, or where the future was a bleak glimmer on the horizon. I have felt heartbreak through loss of love, loss of friends, loss of endeavor, and loss from death. Each loss caused a new crack in my heart, some so deep that I feared how it could ever be mended. And with the heartache came loneliness. Loneliness that caused questions about who I was and what I wanted and what I deserved.

At the time, those broken and lonely hearts felt unfair. I turned my back to you countless times, crying out as to why I had to feel the pain and the loss and the unending questions. Yet through the heartbreak and my unwillingness to listen, You somehow taught me some tough lessons. Specifically I learned how to be whole. Whole through You.

Thank you for showing me how to heal. How to be on my own. How to find strength in my emptiness and build myself into a stronger, more complete woman. Thank you for your patience with me and for never turning your back on me, even when I did so to You. Thank you for leading me through the losses that felt like betrayals, and continuing to lead me through the losses that still house grief. Thank you for showing me the difference between temporary and everlasting.

Thank you for unanswered prayers.

Similarly, when I look over my past, it amazes me how many prayers prayed were left unanswered. Things I yearned for, people I desired to keep in my life, plans that came and went… all left in my past. It has taken me several “No’s” and plain ignorance to realize that those prayers would not have played out to the greater scheme You have designed for me.

So thank you for having a plan greater than anything I could ever imagine. Thank you for the blessings in disguise and not being my genie to grant my every wish. Thank you for the quiet shaking of your head as I cried myself to sleep begging to have my way.

Thank you for forgiveness.

Sometimes I really suck at being a Christian. I swear and I gossip. I question You and the plan for my life. Sometimes I’m selfish and ignore situations I know I should confront, choosing laziness over what is right and just. Sometimes I go weeks without opening a Bible, or sleep in on a Sunday morning, or wonder if you’re even listening when I finally remember to pray. Yes, sometimes I truly am a terrible Christian.

There are times when I let the negatives of life crush my spirit. I try to stay positive, but sometimes I fail. And in those failings I might lash out or live with spite or rage into a fit. I’m not always good at being good.

Yet You are always there, ready to forgive me. When I catch myself living a life that let’s You down and know that I’ve screwed up, You still love me. You provide me healing and bring new beginnings. Thank you for pulling me back to my feet when I am down. Thank you for accepting me as your sinful creation and still calling me Daughter. Thank you for the rainbows during storms and the peaceful stillness I receive while in your presence. Thank you for showing me unwavering love and always providing a way for me to start again.

Thank you for growth.

It is never easy to admit when I am wrong. But there are so many opportunities for me to do so. Throughout the years, it seems as if the cloak to my imperfections has slowly lost its opaqueness and my eyes are more open to the faults in my character. And with that awareness, I can actively navigate how to become a better version of myself each day.

Through the pain of my past and the promise of my future, attempting to find the energy to grow has become simpler. I may falter sometimes, but I am willing to admit those failings and account for my actions more readily.

Thank you for your assistance in rebuilding my heart, body, and soul back to their full strength over the years. Thank you for showing me how beautiful life can be when I let go of attempting to be perfect and embrace my imperfections. Thank you for your healing. Thank you for new hopes. And thank you for the many opportunities to begin anew.

Thank you for the unending blessings.

I keep a running gratitude corner in my planner. Each new week, I write three things that I am grateful for and try to focus my intention on thanking God throughout the week. Sometimes that gratitude is for nice weather, a loving partner, an accomplishment at work. Other times my gratitude comes from sore muscles, the lack of busyness, or learning of something wonderful happening to a friend.

Blessings come in a variety of forms, and it has taken me far too much time to discover this information. As previously said, some blessings are from loss, grief, pain, and God saying, “No.” Other blessings are more obvious such as a gift or kind gesture.

Whatever the form of my blessings, I am thankful, Lord. Thank you for your ending care and gifts of what I truly need. Thank you for knowing my innermost desires and fulfilling them as You know is best. Thank you for allowing me physical blessings as well as spiritual. And most importantly, thank you for your Son and the promise of eternal happiness following this already beautiful life.

Thank you for continuing to take me back, take me in, and take me for who I am.

I get lost in my thoughts often. Am I a good person? Am I doing what I should? What is my purpose in this life? Sometimes I lie to myself. Sometimes I fight an internal battle against what I think versus what I know to be true. I beat myself up mentally. I berate myself. I get discouraged and depressed. Then my mind does a somersault and I begin to think clearly again. I am not perfect, and that is something I will continue to wrestle with on a daily basis. Yet I know, deep down, that perfection is not necessary.

Like I’ve admitted, sometimes I am not a great Christian. I try to be a good person. There are times when I’ve tried to turn my cheek, hold my tongue, live with kindness rather than spite. I try to think of others before myself and remain positive. But often times I fail. I’ve lied and told people things they want to hear rather than the truth. I’ve been selfish. I’ve gone into rages. I’ve allowed my emotions to take over my better judgement.

Nonetheless, there You are, taking me for all my imperfections. You pick up my swearing, vengeful spirit and whisper calming words to my soul. You provide love and light in the darkness and remind me of who I am in You. Thank you for always picking me up when I fall. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for sending your Son to die for me and erase all my sins. Thank you for not giving up on my brokenness.

Thank you for your unending, unconditional love. Thank you for leading me to find wholeness through and in You.

Thank you, Lord,