3 Big Goals For My 28th Year

It has been a couple of weeks since I turned 28, but as each day has ended I’ve found myself contemplating where I want to be in a year’s time. I have so many passions and I have so many dreams, yet I have so little time in my schedule to fit them all into my life! So, I have decided to set three BIG goals for myself to complete before my 29th birthday.

Want to find out the goals I’ve set to make my 28th year the most creative and educating year yet? Keep reading…

Goal #1: Participate in at least one 5k organized race per month with an ultimate goal of fully running a half marathon in October 2020.

I have completed this goal two separate times previously in 2014 and 2015. Since beginning CrossFit, I have started to see some seriously positive changes in my fitness, especially in my legs, which are ultimately helping my running ambitions as well. As I continue to strength train, I also want to work on bettering my run performances.

October – Completed

  • October 26: McCoy Creek 5k (untimed race, but finished within about 35 minutes)

November – Registered 5k for Thursday, November 28th

December – Registered 5k for Saturday, December 14th; will also be doing a Toys for Tots Pub Run (fun run) on Sunday, December 8th

January – Researching 5k options

February – Researching 5k options

March – Researching 5k options

April – Researching 5k options

May – Will Register for Girls on the Run 5k

June – Researching 5k options

July – Researching 5k options

August – Researching 5k options

September – Researching 5k options

October – Researching Half Marathon options

Become an amateur baker by practicing one baking technique through every month and creating at least one major baking project each month.

G is loving this one, let me tell you! I am a binger on all cooking Netflix shows, but my favorite is the Great British Bake-Off (I’ve watched all the seasons three times through and am working on my fourth cycle – ha!)

Even though I can’t eat most of what I will bake, I love getting lost in the hours of preparation, skill-perfecting techniques, testing (sometimes failing), and decorating that goes into baking. I want to be able to watch my binge-worthy shows and say, “I know how to do that!” Plus, being able to share my successes with family and friends is always a positive to hard work.

October/November – Meringue (French, Swiss, and Basic Macarons)

  • October 27: basic macarons with buttercream filling and caramel centers
  • November 10: basic macaron with buttercream filling; added coloring to shells and centers this time around

December – Layered Cakes (and decorating techniques)

January & February – Pastry (Shortcrust, Filo, Choux, Flaky, and Puff)

March – Bread

April – Mousse

May – Caramel

June – Mirror Glaze & Tempered Chocolate

July – Cheesecakes

August – Fondant Decorations

September – Pies (Crusts, Fillings, and Decorating)

Complete a full-length rough draft of my “Novel Idea” by October 13, 2020.

This goal does not have a  definitive timeline, but it is a hefty ambition! I will begin my rough draft through NaNoWriMo on November 1st with the challenge to write at least 1,667 words a day throughout the month. It has been quite a few years since I sat down to write creatively, but I am looking forward to putting my thoughts into written words. We will see how my novel idea pans out in the long run…

On this post, I will update my goals as they are completed. I’ll also share some of my successes and failings with you all in the future. I’m looking forward to growing in strength, patience, and creativity through all three of these goals.

What sort of goals have you set for yourself in the upcoming year (or perhaps as a 2019 resolution)? How are you progressing with that goal(s)? I would love to hear about some strategies you take to be successful.

Wish me luck!

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