It’s Official! I’m Registered For the Michigan 13.Wine Half Marathon

I’ve been saying it since the beginning of 2020: I’m going to register for the Michigan 13.Wine Half Marathon happening Sunday, August 16th. This was my very first half marathon I trained for and ran in 2013, so registering again has special significance to me. It was a milestone of pride in the past, and I held high hopes it could be another in my future. A goal to aim towards in terms of my physical abilities. A savior for my lowered self-esteem.

However, as January turned to February to March to April and almost to May, I kept putting registration off. Excuses became my constant companion:

  • “The weather just doesn’t have me in the mood.”

  • “What if COVID cancels the race?”

  • “I can’t plan that far ahead!”

  • “I honestly don’t know if I’ll be fit enough for my knees to take on that distance.”

Then today I was looking at my calendar and a little notice appeared saying, “13.1 price increases April 28th”. I reread my post on my WHY. I circled tonight’s reminder for Week 1, Day 3 of my run training. I chose Fleetwood Mac for my daily Spotify listening — my go-to running artist.

And I did this:

Yep! It is official, friends. I am registered for the Michigan 13.Wine Half Marathon on Sunday, August 16th. Once I complete my 5k training on June 10th, I’ll jump straight into half marathon training.

I will conquer this beast.

I will run this half marathon in its entirety.

I will earn that bottle of wine following the race…

But most importantly, I will prove to myself what a badass I am and hit that milestone of pride yet again.

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