About Me

The Transformation & History of this Blog

Uncorking Peonies was previously known as Wine Dipped Quill and Peonies ‘n Mint from 2014 to 2016. The first blog, Peonies ‘n Mint, was originally born as a wedblog while I coordinated weddings at a popular beach venue in Southwest Michigan. When I began a new occupation seven months later, however, the site’s roots became irrelevant and thus a new idea was formed…

I genuinely love writing, editing, and design (and wine, in case that was in question), and I aimed to keep my skills relevant by learning more about professional writing techniques, the ever-evolving world of social media, and the changes needed to make my community stronger. I also truly enjoy observing how differently people can think and learning how to communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds. I like to say that I live curiously; I never believe I have learned enough. So I found myself questioning everything, listening to everyone, and feeling amazed at what this world is made.

I am a Southwest Michigan native and a graduate of Western Michigan University where I studied rhetoric and writing studies and nonprofit leadership. Writing has always been one of my passions, but with how hectic my life can become, I was not finding the outlet necessary to make my inner-author happy. So, instead of focusing on thick, wordy novel ideas, I decided to pick up a digital quill and start blogging about things that happened in my everyday life. Perhaps my experiences or those I witnessed around me might help inspire change or self-awareness in one of my readers — who knows, right!? Thus Wine Dipped Quill was created and grew.. to a hefty 115+ posts throughout its 2 years of existence.

The girl who first started this blog at the beginning of 2014 was a stranger to the woman who now wears a diamond ring today. Heartache, failure, pain, grief, loss, poor choices, human nature, and every day life has molded me into a strong, independent, and relatively wise individual who now knows true love, friendship, happiness, contentment, joy, blessings, and satisfaction in the little things of Life. I still make mistakes, but I learn from them and continue moving forward. I look at Life with positivity and do not let circumstances push me down.

You can find my old writings in my Archives to see where I’ve come, but it’s much more bright and cheerful from the “Pop the Cork!” post introducing Uncorking Peonies than the past. It took some time for me to push through my old way of thinking and begin to see the world in a new perspective, and I have a lot of wonderful people — my family, my church family, my fiance, my close friends — to thank for that change.

So, from one human to another, don’t judge my past and thank you so much for joining me in a much brighter future! Thank you for stopping by!



12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ashley – Thank you for all the thoughts you share here – I just stumbled upon your blog today while flicking through some tags I was interested in, and I’m so glad I found this! You’ve created a gorgeous blog here, and I can’t wait to read more! x

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