#Inspiration: Peony Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Well, it happened: I took the leap and ordered our bouquet and boutonniere silk flowers through an online store, Light in the Box. Reviews were staggered on this site, and I am impatiently waiting to see which side of the rating stars I will land. Currently I am at two weeks since I ordered with delivery date supposed to occur around February 4th or so. Keep your fingers crossed with me that our flowers actually DO show up on my doorstep and that they are of decent quality…

As I earnestly wait their arrival (I’m only thinking positively on this!), I wanted to share a few inspiration boards on my aims for both peony bouquets and boutonnieres. I have been scouring Pinterest for months now looking for the exact design I would like to imitate, and believe I have some great examples in which to steal ideas and design:

For both the women and men, I have a goal to go very minimalist in my design approach. Just like with my centerpiece ideas, there will be some pink pops with peonies and a lot of greenery through seeded eucalyptus. I also ordered some baby’s breath and white dahlias for added texture, and some button roses for extra coverage.

One trend I am loving for bouquets is the hanging ribbon. I once fantasized about carrying a cascading bouquet at my wedding, but now I’m all about ease and lightness. So the ribbon addition is a great feature to elongate the bouquet in a light-weight and feminine way.

When it comes to boutonnieres (can anyone spell that correctly on their first try?!), G and I both agree that peony buds are the way to go. This way they remain small and out of the way. I would like to add some sort of greenery to these as well as some baby’s breath simply for some texture.

Now to continue patiently waiting for those silk stems to be delivered!

#Inspiration: Floral Centerpieces

I met with our florist today (Flora Lia of Baroda, Michigan) and spoke to her on the general idea of what we would like in terms of centerpieces and decor pieces at the wedding. I will admit it, I know nothing about flowers. I am no green thumb — I have killed every plant that has ever had the misfortune of making its way into my home. This is not something I am proud of, but something of which I simply do not have the time to research and remedy at this stage in my life. Perhaps one day I’ll take up gardening just for the sake of learning the proper procedures of watering house plants — I’m pretty sure watering them at all is necessary, which is one of my biggest mistakes.

While talking with Lia, I realized there was a lot more I needed to decide than “lots of greenery with some pops of pink peonies.” She was spouting out floral names left and right, and I probably was looking at her as if I had never heard English before. I have a lot of studying to do before the wedding, but the images below are an overview of our most basic ideas when it comes to our floral centerpieces.

Daily inspiration includes much greenery, wildflowers, and large pink peonies. On our long tables I see the vine work running down the table length. For the round tables, we will have tree stump slices beneath lanterns, candles, and vased flowers. Here are some basic ideas: