My “Why” For Walking Up To The Starting Line

Everyone has a starting point. They are different for everyone, but we all have one.

My current “starting point” began in December 2019 and took several months to inch my way to that actual starting line.

After attending several get-togethers where my sole focus should have been the festivities of the holiday, I was having a difficult time being unselfish. Unselfish in the sense that my mind was always recirculating to myself. My body. My weight.

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My First Virtual 5k

The COVID-19 virus has had an impact on everyone and everything it seems. We’re reminded how uncertain and fragile life can be, yet at the same time each day is a gift. I am continuing to look at my ability to run as another gift in life. Running exercises not only my body, but also my brain.

I completed my first virtual 5k on Sunday. It was a mental battle, but I completed it.

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Back to Basics from a Once-Upon-A-Time Runner

It happens to many runners: you start running, you push your body faster, you go farther, you dream about PRs and distance goals, you watch your intake meticulously, and suddenly you see possibilities you never had the courage to dream before. Then BOOM! Something stops you in your tracks. Perhaps you get hurt. Or you get busy. Or you burn out. And as quickly as you gained mileage, fitness, and confidence, it all disappears.

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The Quest for a Running Watch

Two years ago my husband talked me into a terrible decision: to switch from iOS to Android. I had been the proud owner of an iPhone since Gen 1, and the change was difficult for the simple reason of shifting perspective on how the interfaces worked.

The change was also hard because the vast majority of my “accessory electronics” were Apple products also. Following this switch, I put a lot of items up for sale. An iPad I had used in college was not a huge loss, but my Apple Watch Series 1 was a hard hit. I loved the tracking capabilities of this watch and missed the daily self challenges I had come accustomed to setting.

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Shin Splints, Treadmills, & Prevention Measures

I attempted to get in a morning walk this morning. This Michigan mid-April weather has been strange with freezing temperatures and snow flurries, so I took to my treadmill. Yet by 0.59 miles into the walk, I was literally in tears as I held myself up by the treadmill’s armrests and stretched my calves. I tried to push forward to at least complete a mile worth of walking but couldn’t even at a slow tempo due to pain searing up my legs. My cheeks were damp as I hobbled off the machine, beating myself up with discouragement. Why was I suffering from these shin splints all of a sudden?

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