#Inspiration: Rustic Cake Toppers

Our days are quickly passing and the final orders are being made to make sure we have everything we need for the Big Day. Which means another #Inspiration board post is due! Since my last one on bouquets and boutonnieres, we are happy to say that our flower order did arrive. Though the shipment came about four weeks after the date stated (I was sweating, friends), all the silk flowers did arrive and they were perfect! I could not be happier with the stems purchased from LightInTheBox.com, and even happier with the price point being a third of the costs I would have spent at Michael’s or another craft store.

Those flowers are currently at a friend’s house being arranged into some beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and a cake topper. However, I am not 100% sure I only want the floral on our cake or if I should also add a rustic-themed embellishment above the petals. Hmm.

Well, while I continue to sway back and forth in my consideration, take a gander on some rustic cake toppers I’ve discovered on Pinterest and Etsy which might just take the cake… (See what I did there?)

I am also a big fan of this little digit:

So many adorable choices, only one cake. How do you think it would look for all of these to be on a two-tiered cake? Too much? Not enough? Ugh, decisions, decisions. 😉

I would love to see other wedding cake topper inspirations, be it for rustic or non-rustic themed cakes. I am a big fan of peg people, cascading flowers, and funny couple touches. Please feel free to send my readers and me inspiration by commenting below or DM me on Instagram @uncorkingpeonies.

Until next time, friends,

#Inspiration: Naked Cakes & Cupcake Staging

G’s aunt has graciously offered to bake our wedding cake and cupcake treats for the wedding so scratch finding a local bakery off the list! (Thankfully! I honestly was not looking forward to going around taste-testing numerous cakes or other treats with the holiday season coming up. Ohmigoodness…) And I have heard amazing things about Aunt P’s baking skills so I feel completely at ease knowing another item is off the to-do list.

However, there are still a few decisions to be made when it comes to the cake, and that is: looks, flavors, and staging ideas. But hey, I’m all for these fun decisions! Take a gander at the following inspiration board for some examples at what G and I are thinking when it comes to our cake. We’re sticking to the rustic theme and going with the “naked” cake. And for the cupcakes, simple cupcake wrappers are where its at because, lets be real, who honestly pays any attention to those things? They just get thrown away anyways! The photographs will capture the set up beautifully — that’ll be my main focus — and I have plenty of ideas when it comes to this. So here you go:

When it comes to flavors, there are so many that we could choose! However, to be realistic and keep to our wedding theme of simple and laid back, we decided on three easy choices: chocolate, vanilla, and spiced cake. Our cake will be made of two tiers, both spiced, and decorated just as many of these pictures show, with floral and greenery.

Our cake staging, though not 100% determined, will be a mix of several levels to create height of interest. I plan to use old milk crates, tree stumps, and a half of a wine barrel to add a bit of whimsical pizzazz to the table. Greenery will be scattered around the treats to add texture to the overall feel, as will some candles and perhaps a picture frame and chalkboard indicating which cupcake is which flavor.

Now it seems the most difficult part is trying to figure out what sort of cake topper we want to use! Any suggestions are much appreciated!